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Finding A Marketing Consultant

Marketing consulting and marketing outsourcing are two different things.  Luckily for you, Belltower Advertising offers both!  If you're looking for someone to replace your marketing department or a role within the department, that's outsourcing. 


However, companies looking for a marketing consultant have several different objectives:

  • They have a reliable marketing employee who needs some guidance and education but they are capable of executing the changes suggested.

  • They are in-between hiring a new marketing director and need some minor, short term assistance with building a strategy for the new hire to implement once they are in place.

  • They have issues that come up throughout their strategy and just need a few questions answered to be on the right path.

At Belltower, we understand that not every company, not every marketing professional, has the skills, education, or knowledge to create, implement, test, and analyze a fully-formed marketing strategy.  We're here to help.

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