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Medical Research Trials

Find quality study participants every time

Finding quality study participants for medical research studies can be hard.   Regardless of generally healthy or hard-to-fill studies, consumers ready to sign up for unknown drugs and long patient stays is becoming more complicated.  In the past, companies could use their own databases and maybe a print ad or two and easily fill their quota.  However, we've seen a recent shift and our clients are having to use more methods to reach the same number of participants.


A comprehensive media strategy is your best bet to fill your study. 

In order to combat the recent trends in filling studies, we've encouraged a more diverse media strategy that includes digital AND traditional to reach the right candidates.  Using our expert knowledge, we can target those most likely to sign up. 

Recent requirements of media platforms and the data they allow to be used for targeting has made digital advertising for medical research excetpionally difficult.  Luckily for you, we've been doing this a long time and have perfected new strategies to increase your sign ups and lower your cost-per-participant.

Let Belltower help you fill your studies quicker and with quality patients.

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