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Organic Social Media

Engage with your consumers, Build Trust, Gain Loyalty.

Consumers have changed the way they interact with brands. Thanks to social media, consumers have more power than ever in the consumer/brand relationship. Social media gives the consumer a voice, a platform to be heard, and wise brands build marketing strategies that focus on how to interact with their consumers.


By utilizing an omni-channel social media strategy your business gains more exposure, and an opportunity to understand your buyers, their needs and their dissatisfaction. Through engagement on social media your business can gain valuable insight on improving your product or service. 

Engaging on social media is far more than likes and shares.  In addition to having the most engaging paid ads, you must provide your customers with valuable content.  The purpose of organic social media is to build a community of loyal followers and customers through posting relevant content, and interacting with those who interact with your brand. If you want to show customers your true values and culture, while also learning about the values of your customers, organic social media marketing is the best way to do so​.


In our digital age, where data is readily available in almost all industries, you as a brand must be able to provide answers to the questions your consumers don't even know they have yet.  

How do you do this?  Understanding your consumer base you both proactively and reactively produce organic content, posting regularly new updates, products, recalls, blogs, videos, and general information about your business and industry.  As you do this, your customers will learn that you are a source for their questions, their knowledge, and will continue to follow and read this content.  Loyal social media followers equals loyal customers.  

The Belltower Advertising Social Media team is creative and skilled in organic posting. From our in-depth understanding of social platforms to consumer insights for your industry we create an organic strategy for your business, manage the content development and deployment, track insights, help you maintain engagement, and grow your followers.

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