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Over the Top / Connected TV

Where traditional & digital meet 


Today’s viewers are increasingly turning to diverse viewing options that don’t necessarily involve a traditional television.  They’re watching on Smart TV’s, laptops, tablets, smart phones, game consoles and other connected devices such as Amazon Fire, Roku and Apple TV.​

The major shift in television and cable use has changed the way we target users with video.  "Cord-cutters" and "cord-nevers" are a growing population, across multiple demographics and have quickly become mainstream.  To reach these consumers, you need to add OTT/CTV to your strategy.  We can help.

OTT refers to video content that is served to viewers over the traditional closed television system while CTV refers to any television set used to stream video over the internet.  These are most often videos that are streamed via apps that are downloaded.

With OTT and CTV, advertisers can now target, measure and retarget TV-viewing households, providing an enormous opportunity to reach more users.

Choosing how to advertise on these platforms can be complex, from designing a variety of creative ads that enhances your product to the in-depth understanding and targeting of your audience, to the effective placement of ads.

Belltower will simplify this process with active management of your campaign.

  • true placement (not running pre-roll)

  • placement management to ensure brand safety

  • simple pricing, exactly what you contracted.


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