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Paid Search

Search Engine Marketing

Get your ads in front of your future customers where it counts,

the first page!

In order succeed, no matter your industry, you must be searchable for and easily found on the internet.  Google is a dominating force online and if your company is not served on the first page of search results, then you will struggle to be successful.  Through paid advertising, companies can display ads on search engine results pages. Pay Per Click ads can increase a companies visibility to target audiences and through interactions with the ad this method of advertising becomes a more measurable and controllable method.  

While Google is the top search engine, we know your audience is on many different digital platforms from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, to Amazon, Bing, and Twitter.  Each of these search engines and social media platforms have created what appears to be user-friendly online advertising systems. The reality is that while the user interface might be easy the process of online advertising is a competitive process of bidding against other businesses and securing the rights to promote your brand against terms that are relevant to your digital marketing strategy. 

Belltower's SEM experts have spent years accumulating the knowledge to create engaging text ads, effective keyword lists, and optimized strategies in order to put your business at the top of the search.  

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