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  • Megan Deeter

Are You On Google Search?

Because you should be.

I recently did a TikTok about how important Google Search is to advertisers.

Let’s discuss further why this is the best tip I can give you as a brand.

1. User Intent – The biggest reason you should be on Google Ads is because it is consumer-driven. This means that as long as you build your keywords well, you’ll serve when your intended audience searches for your product. You serve only valuable impressions to users who are interested in what you have, and you only pay when a user actually clicks on your ad. You want and NEED to be where consumers are searching for your product.

2. Competitors – It’s a dog-eat-dog world in advertising and Google Ads is no exception. However, it’s much easier to go after your competitors in the ad placements than it is in other mediums. We’ve built strong competitor campaigns that directly target those companies in order to steal market share and grow your customer base.

3. Variable Budget – There are minimums you need to spend to make an impact and make your dollars worth it, but there’s also a lot of wiggle room. We have perfected a variety of tricks that help stretch your budget and save money while increasing your ROI. Targeting, ad schedules, and keywords are just a handful of strategies that allow you to spend as little or as much as your budget allows.

4. Creative Reigns – In strategy that is. With Belltower, your creative production for Google Ads is included in your price. There’s no additional fee for creating your ads or keywords, meaning you get free ad production as part of your Google buy. We have experienced tried and true strategies for developing your keywords and ad copy to make it as clickable as possible for users. We create short and long-tail keywords, various match types, use extensions, and build effective responsive search ads that are designed to get that search user to click YOUR ad over your competitors.

Google Ads is the first place we should be looking at when you’re ready to start spending dollars in advertising and we’re here ready to make it a success. Call us today to get a free marketing audit!

Also, go follow my TikTok account to see more of my tips to make your advertising great and increase your ROI!

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