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  • Amy Gray

CTV: How Can My Business Benefit?

Out with the old, in with the new! Connected TV advertising is an essential tool for connecting with your desired audience.

What is CTV?

A connected TV is any television or smart device that connects to the internet to stream video content. Some popular CTV's you might be familiar with are Amazon Fire, Roku, Apple TV, PlayStation, and Xbox. Fun fact: there are more smart devices like this today than there are people on earth! So, why aren't you advertising on them?

What Will My Business Gain from CTV?

Superior targeting, measurable results, and a growing audience.

CTV will push your marketing dollars towards your most desired viewers, targeting them on their most used channels.

CTV gives both traditional and digital metrics, allowing you to see what is working for your business.

CTV is constantly growing your audience! Millennials are the largest segment of users on these devices, constantly looking for the newest and best way to stream content. Millennials spend an average of 7 hours a day streaming on their phones - let us help you reach them!

CTV is the best method to reach untapped audiences, as it's a fairly new medium. Contact Belltower Advertising today to discuss how you can reach your customers with this new technology.

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