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  • Amy Gray

OTT & Automotive: A Data Pair Made In Heaven

Targeted Connected TV Finds The Right People, Every Time

Reach your audience of cord-cutters/nevers for a fraction of the cost of traditional media with Belltower Advertising. Our years of digital experience yields data driven and proven results to your dealership. The first in our market to push our clients to OTT/CTV, we understand the platform on an intregal level and use it to grow your dealership's sales.

Available Devices & Services

If you're buying OTT locally, do you know what you are really getting? Place your commercial in front of your targeted audience on any Smart TV or streaming device like AppleTV, Amazon FireStick, Roku, or gaming console and be seen on OTT providers such as:

  • Hulu

  • YouTubeTV

  • PlutoTV

  • SlingTV

  • FuboTV

  • Direct TV Now / AT&T

What OTT/CTV Campaigns Deliver The Best ROI For Car Dealers?

  • CRM Campaign - Using your CRM data, serve ads to lease renewals and service customers who are just starting their search.

  • Retargeting Campaign - Serve OTT ads to people who have visited your website with the ability to segment them based on the pages of your site that your shoppers visited or serve the retargeting ads cross device to those who've seen your OTT ad as they continue their internet browsing online. 

  • Coordinated Campaign - OTT targeted ads will expand the reach and frequency of your direct mail piece or invite-only event by using your target list to lower time spent shopping.

  • Conquest Campaign - Serve OTT ads to competing dealership customers via zip code and geotargeting.

  • 3rd Party Data Campaign - Build layered audience profiles that allow you to target your perfect audience with precision.

  • In-Market Targeting Campaign - Capture a local audience of current in-market customers who are currently shopping on 3rd party sites and retarget them.

  • Media Buy Consistency- We can handle your traditional and other digital media so that all mediums are aligned and playing off of each other rather than wasting your dollars.


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