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Private Practice Marketing

Increase your patient count and grow your practice!

While smaller healthcare practices are increasingly opened by large hospital groups, small-mid size practices are beginning to feel the struggle of competition.  Reaching new patients for wellness, needed, or elective medical procedures over larger practices is getting harder and harder.  Groups with multiple locations and over 10 doctors need complete media strategy that answers the questions of "where's our next patient coming from?".


Your media strategy should be just as vast as your services. 

We've seen great success with full-bodied media strategies that include an omni-channel approach, focusing on finding and following your patients on and off line.  From Optometrists and Ophthalmologists, to ENT's and Allergists, Belltower Advertising has increased patient appointment requests and brand awareness across the nation.

During the recent pandemic, a lot of non-essential practices saw a large decrease in patients.  Pulling your practice back to pre-Covid patient numbers could be difficult, but we're ready to help you meet and beat those figures.  Give us a call to discuss your current strategy and how we can help.  

Get a second opinion on your practice's media strategy, while you still can.

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